Keder tarpaulins for scaffolding

The system of attaching keder tarpaulins to scaffolding is relatively easy. A special aluminum profile is attached to the system stands of the scaffolding, with the use of a screw clamp, which allows smooth retraction of the tarpaulin, which corners have been stiffened with a flexible plastic rod - keder. This solution ensures the tightness and durability of the tarpaulin connection and creates the conditions for a secure attachment along its entire length. In addition, it affects the even linear distribution of loads on the surfaces on which the wind pushes. Such a condition eliminates the accumulation of stresses, which makes it possible to reduce the geometric cross-sections of the elements, and thus the weight of the structure. An important advantage of the applied solution for fixing tarpaulins is the exclusion of the possibility of fraying of edges located in the profile gap, thereby increasing their service life.

Keder tarpaulins - application

Thanks to the Rubo roofing system, it is quite easy to build airtight production and storage halls on the basis of scaffolding or girder structures. The system of keder tarpaulins allows you to protect ongoing repair work, as well as construction (scaffolding) from adverse weather conditions such as strong wind, rain or snowfall. Besides, thanks to the tightness of the system - in the case of heating the air inside - it allows to continue work when the temperature drops. Rubo-Konstrukcje Sp. z o.o. offers a complete system of covering and roofing. We also manufacture (we are engaged in welding them) keder tarpaulins to order. Our sales department will help you choose the right keder tarpaulins, their quantity and offer the necessary technical support.
Technical Data of a tarpaulin
Minimum Tensile Strength Tested according to ISO 4674
warp: 3000 N / weft: 2800 N
Temperature Resistance
from -30°C to +70°C
Flame Retardant Class
DIN 4102 / PN-EN ISO 6940 B1 / ITB non-flammable
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