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Temporary weather protection - tarpaulins, canopies


On construction sites, there is a need for temporary canopies or halls to protect them from adverse weather conditions that would allow further work. The so-called weather protection offered by Rubo-Serwis is nothing more than the possibility of making protection with keder tarpaulins, scaffolding tarpaulins or modular roofs (temporary canopies).
We offer a wide range of solutions to protect the workplace!
Key advantages of the cassette system:
  1. Controlled water drainage - cassette roofs direct water in a controlled manner, providing unprecedented protection against adverse weather conditions.
  2. Durability and stability - steel cassettes are very durable and stable, which contributes to the stability of the entire roofing structure.
  3. Material savings - the stability of the cassette structure and its reinforcing effect lead to significant material savings.
  4. Quick assembly - the fast assembly technique also contributes to reduced material use.
  5. Customization - all elements of the system can be adapted to variable construction dimensions.
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