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RUBO RK wedge scaffolding

Looking for a simple and economical solution for your construction site? The "RUBO" scaffolding system is the solution for you!
Rubo-Konstrukcje offers wedge scaffolding. It is a system of racks and transoms connected by means of wedges and grooves, which have replaced the cross and swivel joints once used. The wedge joint system allowed the scaffolding to be formed into the desired shape and thus makes it easier to reach hard-to-reach places. All steel components of Rubo RK scaffolding were painted in the characteristic green colour. Currently, Rubo RK wedge scaffolding is only produced in a galvanised version.
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Our facade scaffolding is a solution that is quick and easy to assemble and meets all the safety requirements set out by Polish standards. Wedge scaffolding is a product made of certified components.


The RUBO scaffolding is a modular scaffolding. The wedge scaffolding is available in field lengths of 2.53 m, 2.09 m, 1.55 m and field depths of 0.65 m and 0.95 m. The scaffolding can be built up to a height of 24 m without additional static calculations. The uprights as a vertical element of the scaffolding have 4 grooves in the assembly node at 90 degree intervals, these grooves occur at intervals of 50 cm. The scaffolding grid is also made up of horizontal elements called transoms and diagonal elements called braces. The transoms end in a wedge, which in connection with the groove in the stand creates both a simple and stable connection.
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The assembly is carried out by hammering a transom ended with a wedge into the groove of the stand. The diagonal elements of the scaffolding, the so-called bracing, are made of a pipe ended with half-joints, the bracing gives the scaffolding structure the required rigidity. Transverse wooden platforms as well as perforated steel can be used in the scaffolding, the height of the working platform can be adjusted every half meter of height on the scaffolding. Scaffolding elements are protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing. Wedge scaffolding is popular in the shipbuilding industry as well as for placing the facades of larger buildings or detached houses.
The RUBO type of scaffolding can be used as:
  • Façade
  • Spatial
  • Tower
Rusztowanie choinkowe, Rusztowanie klinowe, opis elementów


Scaffolding width
650 mm; 950 mm;
Axial field length
2090 mm, 2525 mm
Scaffold height without additional static calculations
24.00 m
Storey height
2.00 m
Working load of the transverse wooden platform
1.00 kN/m2
Working load of steel platform
3.00 kN/m2
Number of floors lined with steel platforms
Number of simultaneously loaded platforms vertically
Scaffolding arrangement - facade
closed facade according to PN-EN 12811-1


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