Wynajem, montaż oraz obsługa rusztowań


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SCAFFOLDING SERVICES ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY OF SCAFFOLDING As part of scaffolding services for industry, RUBO-SERWIS Sp. z o.o. performs complex scaffolding structures at flyovers, overpasses, ships, tanks, oil rigs, nuclear reactor elements, power plant overpasses, chimneys building facades. It also carries out tarpaulin and roofing ...
Rusztowania modułowe, choinkowe, ramowe - produkcja oraz sprzedaż


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Rubo company sells various types of scaffolding. We focus on economical, easy to install, as well as very durable solutions that can be used on any construction site. We offer wedge scaffolding, modular scaffolding, aluminum mobile scaffolding or frame scaffolding – but that’s not all ...
Spawanie konstrukcji stalowych, wykonanie konstrukcji stalowych

Steel Constructions

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We are engaged in the production of steel structures. We manufacture various types of elements made of steel as well as aluminum. We provide both single-unit and mass production services. . We manufacture from large series details of system elements as well as individual spatial ...
Hala namiotowa przejezdna


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INDUSTRIAL TENTS What’s a quick way to get extra space for your industrial or service business? The answer to this question is simple: the Rubo industrial tent. It is safe, does not require special foundations and in case of a change of concept – it ...
Rura kanalizacyjna, kanalizacja zewnętrzna Rury w klasie SN8


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WATER AND SEWAGE WHOLESALER The wholesaler’s offer is addressed to plumbing companies in the plumbing industry, investors and individual customers. We provide efficient service and technical advice. We offer high quality products from reputable manufacturers, which have all the necessary approvals and meet EU standards. ...


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