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Steel Constructions

We are engaged in the production of steel structures. We manufacture various types of elements made of steel as well as aluminum. We provide both single-unit and mass production services. . We manufacture from large series details of system elements as well as individual spatial steel structures several meters high. We employ certified welding personnel. We would like to emphasize that we have overhead cranes with a tandem lifting capacity of 16 T.
Steel structures made by our company have a really wide range of applications in construction, as well as industry. We make all structures in accordance with the applicable standards. Thanks to us, you can be sure that a given steel structure will be fully safe. We undertake welding services on both our own and entrusted materials. Our extensive machinery allows us to carry out customer orders in a short period of time, as well as at an attractive price.

We pay attention to details!

To ensure that the products of our company serve for years, we use modern solutions in production. The range of services offered includes anti-corrosion protection of structures (most often with a hot-dip galvanizing system). We make elements covered with paint coatings - spray or powder.
We also have a certificate ensuring that we meet the quality requirements for welding (structures) according to PN-EN ISO 3834-2 and the Factory Production Control System EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-2, which entitles us to manufacture steel products in the EXC2, and EXC3 class.
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