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Frame/facade scaffolding

We are a regional sales partner of the universal scaffolding system plettac-pl PD 70/PD 100.

Universal scaffolding system plettac-pl PD 70 / PD 100

Scaffolding plettac-pl PD 70 / PD 100 is an extremely economical frame/facade scaffolding used for all kinds of construction and assembly works. It has excellently proven itself in many fields, which makes it widely used. It is worth mentioning that the facade/frame slaffolding is among the most widely used in Europe.
By means of the plettac-pl PD 70 / PD 100 frame scaffolding system, it is possible to quickly and seamlessly enclose various buildings with scaffolding - even those located in the most difficult locations.
The PD 70 / PD 100 facade scaffolding system is distinguished by the safety of use, flexibility, as well as cost-effectiveness. These features, among others, make it one of the most efficient scaffolding systems available on the market.
In addition, plettac-pl PD 70 / PD 100 scaffolding meets high European requirements.

Advantages of Plettac frame/facade scaffolding:

  • safe, fast and easy assembly, łatwy montaż,
  • the possibility of using it on any construction site without the need for an individual certificate,
  • self-locking mandrels,
  • possibility of choice between aluminum, steel and wood,
  • stability of the system,
  • optimal adaptation to a wide variety of building shapes thanks to the practical gradation of platform lengths,
  • long-term durability.
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