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Rubo company sells various types of scaffolding. We focus on economical, easy to install, as well as very durable solutions that can be used on any construction site. We offer wedge scaffolding, modular scaffolding, aluminum mobile scaffolding or frame scaffolding - but that's not all we have prepared for you! In addition, we sell steel platforms, tarpaulins, canopies, as well as scaffolding for grandstands and stages. In our assortment you will find products that are of great quality, solidity and durability. In addition - most importantly - our scaffoldings ensure safety!

Scaffolding sales - that's exactly what we deal with!

Scaffolding is a structure erected temporarily, thanks to which it is possible to work at height. It is necessary for the construction or repair of a building, as well as for the installation of some finishing elements or installations. We sell many types of them - various scaffolding systems are available in our offer. All of them are characterized by reliability, as well as great care in workmanship. We can assure you that we have made every effort to ensure that our range includes only proven products that we are confident in. We encourage you to take an interest in our proposals - despite the fact that scaffolding allows you to work at heights, their price is no longer so high!
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