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Cassette roof

Modular (cassette) roof for SKYER scaffolding system

General characteristics of the roof

The modular roof provides protection from adverse weather conditions, protecting the structure and the equipment underneath. All construction and repair work is not exposed to downtime due to rain or snow. Thanks to the stability and strength of the modular roof, there are no problems encountered with tarpaulin roofing - bags of water, tears caused by strong winds. The use of profiled sheets and system barriers allows safe movement on the roof slope.
All elements of the Skyer scaffolding system and other systems that are dimensionally compatible and approved by their manufacturers as load-bearing structures can be used for the construction of roof support structures, platforms and, in particular, support structures.


The stability of the structure and the stiffening effect of the roof cassettes lead to significant material savings. Typically, the lower tie beams can be omitted and the double roof trusses previously used can be eliminated, because only every second field is profiled as a truss field, and the intermediate fields are enclosed directly on the roof by means of cassettes.
An additional advantage of the roof is quick installation. Two people lay the cassettes into the truss chords, without cumbersome stretching and tying - just place and drive in the wedges. A crane lifts the pre-assembled truss fields onto a load-bearing structure and feeds the bound cassettes of the intermediate fields onto the roof. The sheathing of the intermediate fields is also laid by just two people. Using the RUBO modular roof, it is possible to construct temporary canopies with spans of up to 26.9 meters in the outer axes of the support structure's stands.
Quality and durability of the roof
Modular technology and robust quality ensure the continuous availability of components and thus the certainty of installing the roof as soon as possible. The extremely long service life, compared to a tarpaulin roof, increases the economic benefits of using a RUBO modular roof. All components of the system are freely interconnected and can be adapted to different structural dimensions. A circumferentially running service tract with railings ensures safety during work on the roof. The use of light cassettes saves energy by providing daylight to the construction site.
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