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SKYER modular scaffolding is a product dedicated to customers for whom the safety of their employees is of paramount importance - it has been confirmed by research and then through a certification process in an external unit specializing in scaffolding. SKYER has a Safety Certificate "B" No. B/005/21 issued by the Łukasiewicz Research Network - the Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining, which is an EU notified body no. 1454. The full qualification tests of the SKYER modular scaffolding system have confirmed compliance with certification criteria no. K/0812-72/1/12, in which the leading items in the safety assessment are the EN 12810 and EN 12811 regulations, which in turn is confirmed by the awarded Certificate of Conformity No. Z/002/004/21.


SKYER modular scaffolding is a spatial scaffolding. In the standard façade setup, it comes in field lengths: 3.07 m, 2.57 m, 2.07 m, 1.57 m, 1.09 m, 0.73 m, and in depths of 0.73 m and 1.09 m. The scaffold can be built up to a height of 24 m - without additional static calculations. The vertical elements of the modular scaffolding, called stands, have rosettes (plates) that make the SKYER system possible to build at any angle. The rosettes occur every 0.5 meters, making it easy to set the working platforms at the required level, and as many as 8 elements can be fastened together in a single assembly "node". The scaffolding grid is also formed by horizontal (transoms) and diagonal (bracing) elements. The transoms, as well as the braces, end with a wedge head, which, combined with a rosette in the rack, creates a stable connection. The SKYER system, through the use of a rosette connection with a wedge, makes the connected elements align at the correct angle. The wide range of possibilities of the scaffolding makes it suitable for use in various industries, including shipbuilding, refining, energy industry and construction.

SKYER type of scaffolding can be used as the following scaffolding:

  • facade
  • spatial
  • tower
  • supporting
  • hanging
Also suitable:
  • to support cylindrical objects
  • as communication risers
  • for weather protection in combination with a keder or casteton canopy


Scaffolding width
0.73 m, 1.09 m
Axial field length
2.07 m, 2.57 m, 3.07 m
Scaffold height without additional static calculations
24.00 m
Storey height
2.00 m
Working load of platform at 0.73 m width
2.00 kN/m²
Working load of platform at 1.09 m width
3.00 kN/m2
Number of floors lined with steel platforms
Number of simultaneously loaded platforms vertically
Scaffolding set-up
Scaffolding set-up closed facade according to EN 12811-1



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